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CarpCup, the on-line carp enduros

CarpCup gives you the opportunity to take part in on-line carp enduros. An internet representation of carp fishing sessions based on the enduros concept, these competitions last for a calendar week. Each competition is typified by its fishing venue and its associated pegs.
On-line carp enduros are totally free. The Top100 is updated and shown in realtime. We invite you, therefore, to follow the development of the various on-line carp enduros on CarpCup regularly. They are open to anyone that can access Internet on a browser with Javascript and Flash options allowed and that also has a valid email address.

A guide to take part in the on-line carp enduros

This guide will help you understand how the on-line carp enduros work. It is set out in different parts on the themes that are central to CarpCup. You can navigate through this guide sequentially via the link at the bottom of the page, or go straight to the section that interests you via the direct link at the top of the page. Do not hesitate to read this guide because it will be accessible everywhere on CarpCup
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