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What's new in July 2022

On the way to a new version of CarpCup

There are many players on CarpCup enduros who run virtual on-line fishing sessions. After a long period of availability, CarpCup will regularly evolve during next months. Finally, a new CarpCup version will be delivered to you so with new features that make you feel nearest the watersides and give you more attractive game. For this new version of CarpCup, we have already stacked all requests and feedbacks you have sent to us. But as the new version is not finaly released, all CarpCup visitors can send their enhancement requests because our main objective is to deliver a new version closest to overall requests.

New personal carps gallery on CarpCup

We have received many requests from CarpCup members to be able to upload again snapshots on CarpCup gallery. We have clearly hear you and the CarpCup team has released the personal carps gallery of CarpCup members. Once log on, every CarpCup members can access and manage their personal carps gallery by pushing the "Photos gallery" button. So können sie hochladen besten Karpfenangeln Fotos. CarpCup Besucher und Mitglieder können sehen, die schönsten Karpfen Fotos.
Each CarpCup member can upload till 256 JPEG snapshots with at least 900 width and 4 Mb file weight. Of course old CarpCup gallery is still available.

CarpCup members can now manage their profile on-line

Once logged on, CarpCup members can access their profile and henceforth update their profile attributes such as Email address and change their password. All profile attributes can be updated except nickname and country that are set at registration time only because these attributes are used internally to manage dynamic informations such as rankings.

CarpCup is good for all carp anglers

CarpCup is free to allow every carp anglers and Internet users to compete without restriction in on-line carp enduros. Feel free to come one CarpCup and run on-line carp fishing session at Saint-Cassien or Salagou venue, a good way to extend carp hobby or forget bad carp angling session along the riverside. Finally, feel free to talk about CarpCup to your friends and use CarpCup logo and banners to link to CarpCup in your Website or Weblog.