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Enduro of Saint-Cassien
1 France 678 kgs 36 carps
2 France 673 kgs 34 carps
3 Belgium 614 kgs 35 carps
4 France 593 kgs 35 carps
5 Belgium 588 kgs 31 carps

Happy new year

CarpCup team sends you its best wishes for 2016. Have successful carp fishing sessions on the waterside and on CarpCup too.

On-line carp fishing sessions and competitions

Come and see how you measure up to all over the world carp anglers in CarpCup on-line carp enduros. Will you be clever enough to catch many carps in CarpCup on-line virtual fishing sessions ? Will you success, beat others European on-line carp anglers and enter your nickname on on-line carp enduros list of winners ?

Inform your friends that you like CarpCup

You have now two more capabilities with Google and FaceBook to inform your friends that you like CarpCup. You can click on "+1" Google button above on the left. You can also click on "Like" FaceBook button above on the right. You can finally go to the new CarpCup FaceBook page and inform your friends that you like CarpCup.

New personal carps gallery for members

CarpCup members can now upload carp photos taken along the waterside and manage their personal carps gallery. As a member, you only have to log on CarpCup and click on "Photos gallery" button Otherwise come on register on CarpCup and so you could play carp fishing sessions and upload your pictures in your personal carps gallery. Of course, the old carp gallery is kept and you can ever seen all carps photos that carp anglers have uploaded.
Enduro of Salagou
1 Germany 516 kgs 39 carps
2 France 508 kgs 36 carps
3 France 472 kgs 29 carps
4 Italy 404 kgs 20 carps
5 France 372 kgs 22 carps
1 Germany 590 kgs 31 carps
2 Germany 577 kgs 29 carps
3 Portugal 556 kgs 29 carps
4 Germany 555 kgs 28 carps
1 France 801 kgs 44 carps
2 France 792 kgs 40 carps
3 Belgium 786 kgs 39 carps
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