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Preparations for fishing session

Fishing sessions have to be prepared both on CarpCup and on the waterside. On CarpCup, the peg choice, the positioning of lines, ground bait strategy, ... are factors that have an influence on fishing session result.

Recurring fishing sessions on a peg

Sometime, some player could be tempted to play multiples consecurive fishing sessions on the same peg or to take the peg of another player that have executed a good fishing session. But the easy manner is definitely not the right one! And this is good to maintain the suspense!

Broken fishing session

If some event has broken your fishing session, such as an Inertnet cut or a computer or browser bug, your fishing session resume on the CarpCup servers. You will not allowed to restart a new one as long as the current one is not finished on CarpCup servers, ie 10 minutes later. Be patient, let your fishing session be finished and go back later to play new fishing sessions. And don't worry, such break is rare!
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