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The password is important because it provide you the way to guarantee your CarpCup account confidentiality. Thus when your register on CarpCup, you have to choose a password with at least 6 letters/digits. And we advise to mix letters and digits. And above all, keep secret your password!

Modification des infos de votre compte CarpCup

On the enduro page, go to your CarpCup profile page and you will find a link to updating your CarpCup profile. You will be able to change all attributes on your profile except your nick name and your country which are set at registration time and can not be changed because of rankings.

CarpCup account locked

If CarpCup informs you that your account is temporary locked when you log in on-line carp enduros, you should have entered bad password three times successively or your account may suffer from hackers attempts to enter your account. CarpCup protect your account and automatically lock your account for 1 hour to protect it and send email to CarpCup Webmaster so he can investigate to see what happens. After 1 hour, your CarpCup account will be enabled again so you can access normally to on-line carp enduros.
In case you forget your password or your nickname, or if you do not clearly remember wether you use uppercase/lowercase, you can request CarpCup to send your details. You just have to click on "You have forgotten your IDs" link in the login page.
The CarpCup Webmaster can also decide to lock a CarpCup account on his own if CarpCup regulations are violated in order to protect the overall CarpCup community against hackers and swindlers.
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