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CarpCup help - Introduction

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How to use CarpCup help

CarpCup help is aimed to answer some usual questions you could ask when using CarpCup. All help content has been guided by troubleshooting and feedback of all CarpCup members and visitors. To look for an answer for your question, select the click on the relevant section and read the content. Finaly, don't hesitate to contact us if you do not find a solution in CarpCup help.

Troubleshooting guide

If you encounter some problem when you use CarpCup, first you have to read the corresponding section of CarpCup help. You could find in it relevant solutions for your problem. If you could not find any solution or if you want more details, contact the CarpCup Webmaster CarpCup using the contact link in the bottomof each CarpCup page. Do not forget to recall your CarpCup nickname if you are already CarpCup member so CarpCup Webmaster will quickly identify your profile.

Regularly updated

CarpCup help will be updated each month in order to take into account new questions and feebacks of CarpCup members and visitors. So you willhave more and more answers you could rely on in cas of troubleshooting you may encouter.
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