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CarpCup can help European fishing professionals
CarpCup provides communication and advertsing packages for fishing tackle professionals. You want to boost your business targeting carp anglers community and wish to achieve a simple and effective advertising campaign for your fishing tackles, services or events. CarpCup can help you very efficiently with many thousands carp anglers who run online fishing sessions each month in CarpCup on-line carp enduros.
CarpCup provides your with adapted communication and advertising packages for short and long terms. CarpCup can put ahead your products, services or events along classical editorials and articles and unique CarpCup on-line fishing session integration.
Advanced advertising and communication campaign
CarpCup is in partnership with PowerCarp, votre magazine de la pêche de la carpe en ligne to offer advanced and custom marketing and communication services for your tackles, events or services. Besides standard banner ads and buttons, CarpCup can integrate straight your product advertising inside the on-line virtual fishing sessions with targeted articles on your products, reports on your events, ... Thus you can target European carp anglers and boost your corporate, brands and services.
Beside standard banner ads, CarpCup can provides you with communcation mecanism integrated in the CarpCup game so carp anglers running on-line virtual fishing session could be immersed themselves in your products, services or events, ... So you can easily boost your business and your brand or corporate image.
Don't hesitate to contact CarpCup team
CarpCup team will examine your advertising needs and then provide you the best solution for your advertising campaign on CarpCup. So feel free to contact CarpCup and request a quote for your advertising needs.
Come on and see the fishing professionals who became CarpCup sponsors because CarpCup advertising services bring them a lot!